These are some of the items sold at
Ben Martin's Radio Flea Market

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EICO 320 Signal GeneratorPrecision 202 Signal TracerCookie Jar Radio.Gilfillan 56A (1948)QSL Cards Set of 9
Crayola Wall Clock.Chicken Head Knobs (Extra large) 2 inches longName PlatesEscutcheon for ZenithAlliance U-100 Antenna Rotor Control
Realistic Navaho TRC-434 Base StationGranco T-160U FM Tuner (1955)Zenith H-511 (1951)Emerson 510 Back CoverGarod 6AU-1 Handle
Garod 6AU-1 Commander GrilleMajestic Steel Capped KnobsKnobs - Air King & Other (1930s)Emerson 510 Front Face (1947)EICO High-Voltage Probe
EICO Low Capacity ProbeAll American Toroid Coil Type T-2 (1920s)Panasonic Slim Line Tape PlayerEmerson CPT-34 Mini Cassette Player/Recorder
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